Saturday, January 02, 2010

Jasmine Breeze

Well, Happy New Year, for starters.

At the last minute, we decided to to take the day off, being, well, it was a holiday, and, we had other festivities, namely a family member's birthday to celebrate, and, being here in Boston, we would have broken the law if we didn't sit and watch the NHL's over-produced, over-hyped Winter Classic, at legendary Fenway Park.

As for today, there was nine-inches of snow to shovel, and, after hitting it twice, we were left in a very un-creative mood.

So, we ring in the New Year with a gem-of-a-gem for you.

The YouTube title credits it as "The Crusaders", when, actually, it is Crusader drummer Stix Hooper (who we got to sit behind, and talk with, at a Sonny Rollins concert in Los Angeles, back in the early 1980's), from his album, 'The World Within'.


Jasmine Breeze / THE CRUSADERS

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