Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where Flamingos Fly

Ah, no posts today, as we ran out of gas.

Better said, we got "froze" out of gas, as it was a bitter, bitter cold a day around these parts, with single digit/low teens for temps, and below-zero windchills, thanks to 26+ MPH winds, gusting into the 40's.

Rest Of Tonight - Mostly clear and windy. Colder. Near steady temperature around 8 above. Northwest winds 20 to 30 mph. Gusts up to 45 mph...decreasing to 35 mph.
As Barry Crimmins would say, it was "colder than Dick Cheney's heart" out there today.

So, rather than grunt, and struggle, to come up with something, we set our minds to a better place, a much warmer place, with the help of the legendary Gil Evans ...

The kind of place ...

Gil Evans - Where Flamingos Fly

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