Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: What President Bush Will Do To Get The Stem Cells Adopted Before They Are Discarded

10. Haliburton has more money than God, let them raise'em

9. FCC, instead of issuing fines, can make violators take stem cells to raise

8. But Condi, a lot of working woman are single mothers

7. Could be the first group to open up Private Retirement Accounts

6. Have Frist add a new Senate rule that every Senator must adopt and raise a stem cell

5. If Army recruiting levels continue to plummet, we'll draft them into military and give them a proper raising

4. Add stem cells to the White House list of gifts given to visiting heads-of-state

3. Before we put them up for adoption, Rove wants DNA test to see if they come from Red State or Blue State

2. Get 2008 Presidential voting changed to whichever candidate adopts the most stem cells becomes President

1. Take 'No Child Left Behind' funds, 'Clear Skies' funds and the stem cell kids end up with lakefront property in Alaska

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