Monday, June 20, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At The Iranian Election

10. We're doing pretty good - our lines aren't half as long as the one's in Ohio

9. Don't tell the mullahs but I Tivo'd that Paris Hilton commercial

8. Since we gave the woman the right, don't be surprised by a big Brad Pitt write-in vote

7. Is that Sean Penn? Is he still making movies?

6. Can we reschedule dinner - I gotta make a bombing run up in Baghdad at 4:30

5. How you voting on that referendum measure of staying in on the Axis of Evil?

4. I sent that Senator Frist a videotape of my mother … I hope he can tell us what's wrong with her

3. I heard the press can't write about "hanging chads" - The West will think we're killing the opposition again

2. You know, if it's close, they'll bring in Bush's brother and the Harris woman to rig the count

1. I'm thinking about turning myself into the Americans - You see the meals people are getting at the Cuban prison?

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