Monday, October 16, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At “Liberty Sunday” Last Night

News Item: Broadcast condemns same-sex marriage

10. Chris Shays sent his regrets ... Nice of Shays to go out on a limb, issuing a statement that Gay Marriage is more about pornography than marriage...

9. Good to see the Graham people here ... That they didn’t get confused like they did last year

8. How’s Scalia coming with that ““No Pink Robes” thing?

7. He’s with us on the gay stuff ... But, you know, I don’t know where Romney comes down on Polygamy

6. People don’t believe that God is with us ... Just look at what happened in Hawaii this morning... There’s a sign is I ever saw one

5. Nice of Senator Santorum to suggest screening the priests... We don’t want any poofsters getting up here to speak

4. We sent invites to Cheney and Rumsfeld ... I hope they show up ... They can tie in that “Nazi Appeaser” stuff to the gays

3. Too bad about Rove ... The Stepfather thing... We could have used him tonight ...

2. Look, Dobson brought the friggin’ cow again ... He’s really pushing that “No Moo” thing a little to much...It’s not working

1. I tell you, this Foley thing is a real mess ... I had to change my AOL screen name twice since it hit

Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council, and organizer of Liberty Sunday”

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