Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons President Bush Stressed Defense In New National Space Policy

News Item: Bush Sets Defense As Space Priority

10. Gets to wear his flightsuit whenever he holds press conferences on National Space Program

9. Wants to deploy that Mosquito-like device to really influence world events

8. “Putting weapons up there will just be a comma in the history of outer space”

7. Need to keep pressure on those three new planets that he added to Terror Watch List

6. Space might me a good location for new Super Secret CIA Prisons

5. Gets to recycle Karl Rove’s smears in Klingon

4. ‘Better to fight them up there, than down here”

3. Got a lot of good ideas from the would-be inventors who responded to his State of the Union call to “break the addiction”

2. Needs to give Vice President Cheney something new to obfuscate about for the final two-years of administration

1. Looking to change his, and GOP’s, luck - Will go with anything that takes North Korea, Iraq, Foley, and Abramoff out of the headlines before the Midterms

With stressing Defense in the new National Space Policy, President Bush will get to wear his flightsuit more often, as well as recycle Karl Rove’s smears, in Klingon

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