Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Cully Stimson's Apology Over His Guantanamo/Lawyers Remarks

News Item: U.S. Official Apologizes for Guantanamo Remarks

10. Felt, with Rumsfeld, and his blunt way of speaking, gone, was his chance to step into the administration limelight

9. Only made apology because he feared Joint Chiefs of Staff were going to write another letter, protesting about him

8. Was looking to get "into the heads" of any Iranian terrorist that we might capture when we invade Iran, that they won't get good lawyers

7. Naked attempt of trying to brown-nose Vice President Dick Cheney

6. Filing protest with President Bush - How come he gets slammed for one comment, when Karl Rove can go around smearing anyone he wants

5. Thought saying lawyers shouldn't do do pro bono work for terrorism suspects might help ease the violence in Iraq

4. Early investigation points towards he was trying to shakedown the lawyers

3. Made comments under duress; Has been edgy over the news of Castro being close to death

2. Really meant to say he was calling for a "surge of lawyers" to hit Gitmo

1. Taking one for the team; Took it upon himself to deflect attention away from the President's speech last week

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