Friday, February 02, 2007

HuffIt! - New Huffington Post Feature ... Vote For The Garlic On HuffIt!

Very recently, The Huffington Post launched a new feature called HuffIt. This allows anyone on-line to post to HuffIt an article or such that you find. It works similar to other sites that aggregate content (such as Digg, Reddit and others).

While HuffIt is still in Beta, they did announce that the post on HuffIt that gets the most "Huffs", they will post it to the main Huffington Post site.

So, if you see something you like on The Garlic (or anywhere else), take it over to HuffIt!

And if you see something from The Garlic on HuffIt!, give it a "Huff".

Here are the links

HuffIt Main Page

Direct to JTD Profile Page

The Huffington Post

HuffIt! and The Huffington Post (as well as a bevy of great sites) are also on The Garlic's Link List, down in the righ column

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