Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Boston Spent Nearly A Million Dollars Dealing With Cartoon Ad Hoax

News Item: Froth, fear, and fury

10. Had to pay all the police and emergency personnel to stand around, while they waited for school to get out, and they could find a kid to tell them about the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

9. All the emergency vehicles mistakenly gassed up at Exxon stations

8. Got huge bill from FEMA, who immediately sent in trailer trucks full of ice

7. Took advice from Boston Red Sox, and entered into sweepstakes to bid on ace Japanese terror expert

6. Upon discovering it was guerrilla marketing", mistakenly rounded-up zoo experts from around the world for expensive satellite conference

5. Felix the Cat and his bag of tricks doesn't come cheap

4. Since it involved roadways and highways, automatically have to calculate costs on the Big Dig scale

3. Tens-of-thousands spent flying the cast of NBCs' "Heroes" into Boston, just in case the threat was real

2. In order to get White House to release Federal resources, got strong-armed into making donation to Bush Presidential Library

1. Chasing down false lead, spent thousands on renting DVD's and hired dozens to watch Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons, to see if device was anything from the Acme Company

Felix the Cat and his bag of tricks doesn't come cheap

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