Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 28 January 2007

Russian President Vladimir Putin
was said to be "complete unamused" after being teased by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a sing-song manner, whispering to Putin "Now I can't remember, where did I put my vile Polonium-210?"

In a stunning move on Friday, actor Willam Macy joined the Scooter Libby defense team

Macy said that he was researching a role, where he will portray a lawyer, and was "quite surprised" when Ted Wells, Libby's attorney, offered Macy to sit in on the trial

Both Macy and Wells denied that they were planting a seed to, if Libby is found guilty, appeal the verdict on the grounds that Macy is not a licensed attorney

The White House today admitted to an omission in President Bush's State of the Union Address earlier this week

After tense negotiations, that went right up to minutes before the speech, Bush was able to come to terms with movie producer and director George Lucas, to activate the Star Wars '501st Legion' Stormtroopers and include them in his new Iraq surge

And in another admission, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that he was "a little paranoid" as to comments made by his predecessor, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, during the transition and, as a precaution, has bodyguards, one from each branch of the service

When briefed about Gates' comments, Rumsfield, and Vice President Dick Cheney, denied they had a "pact" to "get Gates".

"Heavens-to-Betsy, what planet are you from." scoffed Rumsfield to reporters.

Cheney simply brushed off questions, barking "Frankly, I think you are out of line"

Hollywood is shocked, following the bombshell announcement that actor Isaiah Washington was leaving his rehab early, to come out of the closet and announce, in an ironic and bizzare twist, that he and fellow 'Grey's Anatomy' actor T.R. Knight were getting engaged.

Washington had entered rehab for unleashing a homophobic slur against Knight, then denying it, but repeating it again at the Golden Globe Awards.

A spokesperson denied that it was a publicity stunt and that the couple plans on getting married, in San Francisco, later this year.

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