Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things Ann Coulter Would Spend "Coulter Cash" On

News Item: Edwards Campaign Responds to Coulter Calling Him 'Faggot'

10. All the crème brulee in the whole wide world

9. Take the 9/11 widows to lunch

8. Buy Catholic League President Bill Donohue a date

7. Some new, advanced software, to make it easier to plagiarize

6. An armful of Sean Hannity T-Shirts

5. Lots and lots of Lynne Cheney's books

4. A slew of her own books, to rig her Amazon rating

3. Cover Rush Limbaugh's drug bill

2. Fund Rick Santorum's next WMD hunt

1. Britt Hume, a personality

Coulter may need some of the "Coulter Cash", if more companies pull their ads from her website

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