Tuesday, May 22, 2007

You Shouldn't Worry There, Dick ... Everyone Knows You're A Hard-Ass ... The Results - The Garlic Weekly Poll

So what the little puke in the Oval Office calls himself "The Uniter" or "The Decider", and even "The Commander Guy".

You don't have to be so sensitive about it, as our Garlic Poll Voters seemed to think.

Everyone knows you're a hard-ass.

You are, in the spirit of the immigration debate going on, muy macho. You kick butt and expose names. You have a Secret Bunker. You bully people to give you the intelligence you want, so you can launch wars. You nailed CNN's Wolf Blitzer and then sent your wife in to slap him around some more. You go away weekends, with you old pal Rummy, for Doomsday weekends.

You earned the moniker of "Darth Vader", for Christ Sakes. You even have a protégé named after you - Cheney's Cheney!

That's about as hard an ass a hard-ass can get.

So chill out on the overseas stuff. Pitch in, and save some energy (unless, from your muy macho super-secret energy meetings, you're getting a deal or something). Do more walking, it'll help that old ticker of yours.

And, one other thing. The guys overseas don't really want to tell you.

They're gonna "yes" you to death because they're just marking time, They know you're on your way out, via, either impeachment, or indictment, or, somehow, you ride it out until January 2009.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll May 13 - May 19, 2007

Vice President Dick Cheney's recent trip to Iraq and Saudi Arabia was really about ...

1. Telling everyone, despite what the President has said, he, Dick Cheney is really "The Commander Guy" Tally 33%

2. The wife's book sales are dipping and just out working the stump, beef up the sales Tally 30%

3. Needing a good alibi, in the event something happened to George Tenet Tally 24%

4. Not wanting to get yelled at by those 11 Republican Congressmen Tally 12%

This week’s Poll - President Bush will get rid of Crony General Alberto Gonzales by ...

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