Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kerry Lowers The Boom On Boone ... Or Just Another GOP Smokescreen?

If you need another sign on the sinking USS GOP, perhaps the dust-up the past few days will serve as an indicator that the big money red-hatters are lowering the lifeboats (and, perhaps, staying in character, pushing the woman and children aside).

With the sorriest slate of candidates this side of the new Pakistan government, Texas moneybags T. Boone Pickens had chosen to drag up an issue - FROM FOUR-YEARS AGO!

Pickens offered up $1-Million to anyone that could disprove any one of the malicious, smears of the John Kerry Swift Boat saga.

Soooo ... Kerry stepped up to take the challenge.

Now, the word is Pickens is picking up his marbles and backing out of the deal;

Swift Boat Funder T. Boone Pickens Renegs On John Kerry Million Dollar Offer

As Jane Hamsher, over at Firedoglake writes;

"In other words, Pickens was full of bravado when he made the offer in a keynote address in front of a bunch of friendly right wingers at an American Spectator dinner, but when Kerry took him up on it, he was a bit too cowardly to back it up ..."
Not sure all this passes the smell test.

With the GOP's front runner, their "best bet to beat Hillary" America's 911 Mayor, taking incoming fire from his Bernie Kerik backing and, now, Judith Reagan planning her own surge aimed at Ms. Rudy, this has a look of a classic GOP/RNC move to jump up-and-down, waving their arms, all but shouting "Over Here!" to divert attention away from their sinking campaign.

Or, maybe, this was just the opening ceremony for the GOP, to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Richard Nixon "not being a crook".

Note to MSM and Bloggers - Don't waste the ink or the bandwidth ... Move on (no pun intended)!

Stay in the weeds there, Mr. T. Boring Smearings

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