Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bonds Indicted ... Let's Have A Barrypalooza!

That Barry Bonds was indicted the other day, it carried about as much surprise as Lorelai and Luke finally hooking up on 'The Gilmore Girls'.

You knew it was going to come, you could envision it and it became just a matter of waiting for the moment.

But much like the rest of the country, almost assuredly, the residents of Stars Hollow would be equally disgusted with Bonds, and even more so with Major League Baseball.

Commissioner Bud 'Find Me Some Sand So I Can Stick My Head In It" Selig, and the rest of MLB's brass don't have enough lives to pay for the disgrace of allowing the charade (McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, et all) of steroid-fueled homerun races for the puny gain of selling a few more tickets.

Myself, and hundreds-of-thousands of other fans won't wait for the other slipper (MLB's feebleness in this matter doesn't allow to call it a shoe) of the Mitchell Investigation to drop, nor for MLB to firmly plant the integrity flag, and ignore the official records books to recount with pride;

All-Time Home Runs - Hank Aaron 755
Single Season Home Runs - Roger Maris 61

And we will firmly root for the first steroid-growth-hormone-free players when and if they pass these marks.

So, as Keith Olbermann does introducing Oddball ... Let's play Barrypalooza!

What happens next for Bonds
What happens next for Bonds

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Hmmm ... That could have been a good story line ... Lorelai, to get Luke jealous starts dating a major league baseball player, while, unbeknownst to her, Rory, for the Yale Bulldog, is writing a major expose of steroids in baseball, naming her mother's new boyfriend ... That would be a Friday Night Dinner you wouldn't want to miss ...


Gritsforbreakfast said...

I argued here on my own blog that Babe Ruth gained a greater benefit from never facing Negro League pitching than Bonds did from steroids, and neither IMO desreve an asterisk. I think this is all really overblown - a whole generation of top-flight athletes took steroids, it's wrong to just scapegoat Bonds. best,

The Garlic said...


Thanks for reading and commenting ... I read your post and you raise some good points ...

As to this post, I haven't "just scapegoated Bonds" ... I put McGwire and Sosa in the same boat and, more so, blame MLB for burying their heads in the sand over this ...

Much like they've placed lifetime bans for gambling, so it should be for steroids and growth hormones ...

If they did that 10, 20-years ago, we likely wouldn't be having this brouhaha today

And, as to Bond's indictment, he isn't being prosecuted for taking steroids, but for lying to investigators (ala The Scooter Libby)... That ain't anybody's fault but his own ...

Thanks Again