Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Garlic's Recommend Late, "Save Your Butt" Christmas Gift Ideas

Okay, it's five-days out, and you're starting to panic.

Even though - this year - you started your Christmas shopping back in June, there's still a few names on your list (certainly, at this date, the "borderline" friends or family).

Now, you could cop-out, and give one of those ubiquitous gift cards (you know, the one's that lose value after a certain period of time, or penalize you if you misuse it in some fashion), but that's not your cup of tea.

You want something cool, something hip, something obscure, that only YOU could fine, something that will make you a star in the eyes of the receiver.

Well, you've come to the right place.

For the first time, The Garlic is entering the fray, with some clutch recommendations, items that will surely look swell under someone's Christmas tree.

You can never go wrong giving a book, and the first tome from America's greatest political satirist is waiting for you.

Crimmins has toiled on stages, near and far, for over 30-years, skewering the political nitwits and media elites, and "Never Shake Hands With A War Criminal" takes you on much of that journey.

“Barry Crimmins uses his sharp sense of irony as a political weapon. In his hands, the subversive joke is the first small act of resistance.”—Billy Bragg

“Like a mixture of Tom Paine and Mark Twain, Crimmins mixes politics and humor with savage results.”—Michael Blowen, Boston Globe

“He breaks down reality in a hilarious way. He seems ticked off at everything, and when you hear him, you agree. One of the few political comedians who are really good.”—Steven Wright

Purchase the Seven Stories Press book Never Shake Hands With A War Criminal here

If you prefer to shop at Amazon, click here

And be sure to visit - and bookmark - Barry's website

This product is not endorsed by Tiger Woods (Just wanted to take care of the housecleaning first off).

If your Holidazed shopping leans towards the bizarrely funny, unique, or unusual, old Ding Ho buddy and Boston comedian, Mike McDonald, and his present, “The World’s Funniest Golf Balls”.

McDonald, a 25 year Funnyman and contemporary to Denis Leary, Steven Wright and Lenny Clark has been seen on Showtime, HBO and the Comedy Channel and entertained our troops in 40 countries while touring with the USO. This year, Mike has applied his comedy Super Powers to a gift you can give America’s 27 million golfers, and these hilarious hip packages spare no duffer on your list from a laugh.

Fans of the Soprano’s can Whack the Hitman Golf Balls. The Axis of Evil lets you to “Take your favorite Dick-tator for a Drive”,...or get a special Christmas “Package” filled with Gay golf balls that “Cannot be hit straight”. Give your freshly divorced friends some “Swing Therapy” with Ex-Wife and Ex-Husband golf balls while Catholics can “Resurrect their Games” and receive “Deliverance from Sand Traps” with Miracle Balls. Chanukah fans are not left out in the cold. They can grab a sleeve of the “Chosen Balls”….

Everything is made in the USA and USGA approved so we’re sure they’re not filled with Chinese lead and Plutonium

To purchase, visit Mike McDonald's Comedy Golf

Perhaps you would prefer to give the Gift of Music? ... Well, we've got two tremendous recommendation for you

Laszlo Gardony

Larry Gordon has often said that "when God was ready to make the first, perfect, jazz pianist, along came Laszlo Gardony".

Banging the keyboard in his native Hungary at five-years-old, it didn't take long for Gardony to grow into a much-sought player, working with a who's-who of Jazz, and other genres, including the Boston Pops, the Danish Radio Big Band and The Wayfaring Strangers.

You can't go wrong with Laszlo Gardony, be it standards, or his impressive body of original compositions.

Visit Laszlo Gardony's website to make your purchase.

Shawnn Monteiro

If you never had the opportunity to catch Ella, Sarah, Carmen McRae, Betty Carter, et all, than you should make all effort to indulge in their torch-carrier, vocalist Shawnn Monteiro.

Shawnn Monteiro is the real deal.

Let me restate that - Shawnn Monteiro is THE REAL DEAL!

Born of Jazz royalty (her father, bassist Jimmy Woode, played with Duke Ellington, among others; And her godfather is the legendary Clark Terry), Shawnn can hit it with the best of them. Be it scat, standards or knocking out a ballad, you will be enthralled listening to Shawnn Monteiro, instantly knowing you are listening to a future legend.

Visit Shawnn's website and her MySpace Page

You can purchase Shawnn Monteiro CD's on Amazon or CD Universe

It will soon be time to get hip to The Savvy Girls of Summer, two ladies from Seattle, who will be taking the country by storm in 2008, with the publication of their book, "Are Diamonds for Everyone?".

Deidre and Jackie merge baseball and life, in their own, unique way, and you can share in it as well.

Get prepared for a steroid-less 2008 baseball season, and keep score with The Savvy Girls of Summer Scorebook Journal.

Visit The Savvy Girls of Summer here

Order The Savvy Girls of Summer Scorebook Journal here

Give Yourself A Gift

Whether you just want to spiff-up your own work, of, perhaps you have a business and need a professional graphics artist, to build or upgrade a website, layout a book or magazine, or create a unique logo, perhaps cartoon character.

If so, give yourself the gift of Sean Collins, and his Tenten71 graphic services.
Tenten71 provides affordable graphic design services in print design, web design, Flash, and illustration. If you're looking for a professional artist who can take your ideas and turn them into a creative, beautiful and productive result, you've found him.
Visit Sean Collins' Tenten71

And, lastly, here's a little holiday treat for you

CHRISTMAS NIGHT IN HARLEM - Louis Armstrong (1955)

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