Monday, December 17, 2007

Talk Fight At The FISA Corral ... And While That Goes On, Eye and Hearing Tests For All

"A date which will live in infamy".

Yeah, that was FDR's line, after the attack at Pearl Harbor, but it could take a secondary spot in posterity, depending on how effective Senator Chris Dodd's heroic filibuster goes today, in his almost singular effort to stop the Bush Grindhouse - and their Democratic collaborators - from granting amnesty to the Telcoms who aided the illegal wiretapping.

It's pretty stunning that the Congress, and, for that matter, the American public, isn't red-faced with rage over this.

Give'em What They Want Harry Reid, allegedly the Democratic Leader of the Senate, is placing on the floor the bill that will give the Bush Grindhouse, and Telcoms what they want - this over another bill that does not.

Has Reid been lunching with, and/or, drinking from Joe Lieberman's cup?

Multitasking: Filibuster and Healthcare

Perhaps, while Senator Dodd is engaged in his filibuster, the rest of Congress can, in shifts, do something very practical, and, by all accounts, something very much needed.

Get themselves eyesight and hearing tests.

They, supposedly, have tremendous healthcare coverage, so that shouldn't be in issue.

Heck, they have pull, so they could probably get one of the big trailers to come and park in front of Capital, or find an empty office the docs can set up in for this.

Why eyesight and hearing tests?

Well, it seems an overwhelming number of people in the country (and probably just as many outside the country) have seen and heard that The Commander Guy, and his Grindhouse cronies, illegally wiretapped American citizens - clearly in violation of the FISA Act - and, in the process, numerous telecommunication companies carried out the work for this illegal wiretapping (one didn't - Qwest).

Seemingly, not included in all these people who have seen and heard about this illegal wiretapping are the elected members of Congress, who, as part of their duties, is to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Now, many of these elected members of Congress (and, certainly, not all) are intelligent people.

So, if they can not reasonably, and cognitively, understand that this illegal wiretapping has gone on, it must be something medical, like eyesight and hearing (particularly the older congressman).

And it has been crystal clear that we have been attacked by enemies, foreign (Sept 11th) and also domestic (The Bush Grindhouse and their obtuse dismissal of the U.S. Constitution).

So, please, staff members, loved ones, urge and demand that your congressmen and senators go get these eyesight and hearing tests immediately.

The fate of the nation rides on it.

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