Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays - All of Them!

Good Evening Garlic Fans ...

Happy Holidays - All of Them!

We're giving into the demands of the season (cooking, family, et all) and taking a day, or two off (barring breaking news ripe for the pickings).

Being that is has been a rough month on The Garlic's homefront, both time and energy were lacking to come up with new Christmas satire this year.

So, pay attention to our daily feature - Garlic History ... On This Day - sitting over there in the right sidebar. We came up with a few goods last year and you can revisit those posts, or, if you are a new reader, it's your lucky day.

So, have yourselves a very Merry Christmas, with your family and friends and here's hoping peace and love fill the air.

Happy Holidays!

Watch and Listen to Diana Krall, swinging away on Jingle Bells

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