Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Post Alert: Juan Cole's "Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2007"

I suppose, Juan Cole has already started taking notes for next years' list, which will probably be "Top Ten Myths About Democracy In Pakistan".

This hit on Wednesday, before all the news stopped so our media, and presidential candidates, could bloviate about the events in Pakistan, and on Benizar Bhutto's murder, so it probably didn't get as much play as it should have.

While the Bush Grindhouse has held tightly to its' spin, that Iraq is the end-all, dead-center, red-painted-bullseyes for the War Against Terrorism, they will, likely, soon have that ripped from their fingers, overtaken by the Pakistan story and how OSAMA BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA ARE SAID TO BE BASED IN PAKISTAN!

And unlike Iraq (or Iran), Pakistan does have nuclear weapons (Psst ... We helped them get them), so as much as the Neocon choir sings the Iraq aria, the hip-hop-blaring boom box is sitting in Pakistan, and it's only going to get louder.

Read (and suggest you bookmark for future reference) Juan Cole's "Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2007"

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