Monday, January 07, 2008

Clinton Camp, Burnishing Her Experience Resume, Claims David Bowie Song "Changes" All About Hillary

Looking to batten down the hatches, before the Obama wave crashes over them, Hillary Clinton's campaign came out swinging today, dropping a bombshell in an attempt to continue her Saturday Night Debate theme, burnishing her experience credentials'.

David Bowie's song "Changes" was written for, and about, Hillary Clinton.

"Hillary was already battling, and bringing about change when Barack Obama was only changing his diapers," boasted Mark Penn, Clinton's chief pollster and strategist.

"Bowie recognized, early on, Hillary as an agent for change", Penn continued. "He wanted to do something to honor that, to pay respect to it, so he wrote that snazzy song."

"He had a vision, an artists' eye, on how caring and unselfish a politician Hillary would be."

Penn claims it was originally titled 'You're So Change", but that Bowie retitled it, after hearing that Carly Simon was working on an idea, eventually coming out with her hit tune, "You're So Vain".

In just a few days, since her third--place finish in the Iowa Caucus, and her defensive posture last Saturday evening, in the ABC Debate that saw saw Obama and John Edwards shine as much, if not more, than Hillary, the Clinton campaign has had to quickly revamp their efforts to avoid Hillary being pegged by the media as part of the "status quo".

Polls released today show Obama gaining strength, catching a bounce and leading by 10-points in one, 13-points in another.

Penn ignored questions from reporters, citing President Bill Clinton, and his using Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" as his theme, when he ran for President.

Penn quickly sniped "Good band, good tune, but they didn't write that specifically for the President."

Penn also downplayed the incident today, of Hillary weeping or crying during a campaign stop, quickly dismissing the Muskie comparisons, indicating "she was thinking about the song, it was playing in her head, all the change she's brought about and it touched her."

Rachel Maddow, Air America host and MSNBC pundit said that "it was too early to say if Hillary was crying."

Plans, according to Penn, included having the Bowie tune "Changes" blaring at her campaign appearances and, sources say, efforts are on-going to get Bowie to come out, tell the story himself and publically endorse the junior Senator from New York.

Penn would not confirm plans for a Facebook collaboration of a "Changes" party, with Hillary appearing, dressed as Bowie and singing a specially-written version of "Changes", that would include a list of her many accomplishments of leading change.

Asked how relevant David Bowie would be to the youthful Facebook audience, an artist that hasn't had a hit record in years, and, in 2004, only placed 39th in Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, Penn would hear none of it.

"We'll just chalk it up to another "change" accomplishment on Hillary's resume."

When reached for comment, an Obama staffer chortled at the news and offered that it "sounds like her campaign is stuttering, just like in the song."

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