Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Forget The Green-Screen, Why Show Him Throwing Out Garbage?

I caught this link, to Crook and Liars, out of the corner of my eye and had to investigate.

Was Norm Coleman’s wife green-screened into this ad?

And it links to this - "Coleman campaign green-screening the spouse?"

Lighting and reflections are one issue, but they were issues when we landed on the moon too. However, check out the angle in that shot -- it looks like Mrs. Coleman is either embedded into the counter, or wasn't actually in this shot, especially when you consider that the height difference between the two isn't that big
Watch the video, it's rather hysterical.

The green-screen thing is bad enough, but why on earth would they have Coleman opening up a trash can and throwing away a bag of garbage?

How many punchlines can you get out of that?

Throwing away his career ... Auditioning for his next gig ... He should have jumped in, and the garbage bag approve the commercial ...

A head-shaker, all around ...

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