Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Post Alert: Letter to Mesopotamia

Not an unheard of situation, but rare, as Barry Crimmins has a guest writer on his site this week.

John Joslin, Unemployed American Electrician from Detroit (who is rumored to be the designated tradesman that will turn off the lights on the Motor City when it does, finally, shut down), pens a most sincere, and cleverly amusing, note to the Iraqi War Orphans.

Letter to Mesopotamia

We can't risk cutting off the money for your war and take a chance on having all hell break loose where you are. For one thing, none of our soldiers in your country has a proper round- trip ticket to get back home. They would have to stay there if the money runs out. This way, by getting the war bill passed, we will have enough money to keep all the soldiers in your country for at least another 6-months. Guaranteed.

I am looking forward to the $362 bucks per week I'll be pulling down once this war paperwork is taken care of. To put it in perspective -- that's equal to one year's worth of income for the average household in Fallujah. That's near you, right? ( Hey, don't forget, stuff is expensive here in America. It's another world, kiddo ! )
Check it out, it's a good read

And, while your over there on Barry's site...

The Garlic has been remiss in posting that Al Giordano has moved his on-the-money blog, The Field, away Rural Votes, to his own site, NarcoNews. You'll want to bookmark it and check in regularly on The Field - It is MUST READING for this election season.

Barry has two posts - Here and Here - with all the dramatic details of the relocation (and they were dramatic)

Oh yeah ... How on-the-money is Giordano?

Check this out and see for yourselves... It scary, it's so on-target ...

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