Sunday, November 02, 2008

Everything Must Change

Well, the day didn't go exactly as planned.

A few rough spots on the homefront, and feeling pretty rundown (there's a Flu-thing going around and I have been doing yeoman work to stay away from it), so time for writing got tossed overboard.

Rather than putting up a goose-egg, I though, with these final, frantic, hectic, over-the-top hours of the campaign, we'd give you a respite, something to take time-out with, chill out for a few minutes, catch your breath, collect your thoughts ...

And, it, kind of, fits into what's going down right now.

We give you the Benard Ighner tune, "Everything Must Change", first heard, I believe, on the Quincy Jones album, "Body Heat".(I first got hip to it, in 1980, having moved to Venice Beach, LA had a 24-hour Jazz station at the time, KKGO, they played it often, and since then, it has been somewhat of a Jazz standard, covered by many)

So, take a break for a monster tune.

Quincy Jones " Everything must change " 1974

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