Monday, November 03, 2008

Blakeman Takes A Victory Lap With His IDOTW Award

Me thinks the GOP Hack Extraordinaire, Brad Blakeman, our second Ignorant Dolt of the Week, is, perhaps, looking to get in the running for another IDOTW title.

Last Saturday, on MSNBC, with David Shuster and Ari Melber, Brad Hack-Man, started sounding the siren, inveighing against the pending landslide election, giving the Democrats a lock on the Congress, Senate, and White House, labeling it a "Democratic Dictatorship".

GOP Hack Begs For Mercy From Blogs After Dumb Attack On Dems

Sorry Brad, the whining is property of Stumblin' Bumblin' John McKKKain.

You don't get to piss with the big dogs.

Brad Blakeman, Hack Extraordinaire

SourceWatch: Bradley A. Blakeman's

Our Ignorant Dolt-of-the-Week ... Brad Blakeman!

IDOTW Update ... Blakeman's Paying Off!

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