Friday, November 07, 2008

This One's For Sarah ...

Sorry Garlic Fans, that this is a late post today - and my only for the day.

As has happened in the past, jammed up on the homefront, and the dial is bouncing between "very tired" and "exhausted".

It's been a rough past few days ... A comedy of errors on Wednesday, attempting to get a blood sample taken from my soon-to-be-96-year-old Aunt, getting it in time for our regular check-up visit today (She's A-Okay! ... Passed with flying colors, gained a little weight, all is well; I did, though, discuss with the doc the uptick in her dementia and now I am armed with some meds that can tamp down and mellow her out, when-and-if, she gets too agitated, as has happened a few times).

So, that left me out of the loop for most of the day today.

I did feel the ground moving, and the cable television heads all-a-flutter, due to Obama, and HIS FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE AS PRESIDENT-ELECT!

I suspect, we'll be hearing a lot more "Firsts" leading up to January 20th.

And I did catch some of the on-going, landfill-sized dirt bombs the Dead Campaign Express is been attempting to bury Mommy Moose with ...

Interesting, after being spat upon by the Flying Monkeys, for daring to point out The Wasilla Whiz Kid and a doorknob are about par on the smarts, now, the people that picked her (McKKKain, going to the gates of the Arctic Circle), coached her, defended her, exploited her, clothed her, are the ones opening up the Alaskan-sized closet.

Didn't know Africa was a continent, thinking it was a country, heh?

Oh My!

Well, this one is for you, Sarah ..

It's an old classic and we apologize for not being able to find a video or audio file of the killer Tshala Muana rendition of it.

Grand Kalle & L'African Jazz - Afrika mokili mombimba


Sarah, "Africa Mokili Mombimba" means "Africa Everywhere"

Stay Tuned ...Hope to back on-track tomorrow.

We'll have our Ignorant Dolt of the Week for you (and this weeks' winner, actually, has been an Ignorant Dolt for a number of decades now)

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