Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tweety Baits, Rat Catcher Bites

Something is going on here.

For the second time in a month, Tweety, either on his 'Hardball' program, or, as last night, in the Special Election coverage, is showing great restraint, patience, just laying back, and letting the Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show shit all over themselves.

We had, of course, the incident that launched The Garlic's Ignorant Dolt of the Week, when Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann dove right in, channeling her inner McCarthyism.

And last evening, in MSNBC's Special Election Coverage, Tweety brought on The Rat Catcher (aka former corrupt Republican Majority Whip, Tom "The Hammer" DeLay, who, before he displayed for the world, his legislative intellect, and unbridled greed, prepared for his role in high government via his exterminating business).

Now, there is a question of judgment, why Tweety, and/or MSNBC, would want to have The Rat Catcher on for an interview, being it was, in effect, The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Night of Barack Obama.

But on he slimed, with Tweety baiting him about the unfolding meltdown of the Republican Party, giving The Rat Catcher the opportunity for him to toot the tin, RNC talking point of how a Democratic Majority is going to bring on the end of the universe.

At the end of The Rat Catcher's spewing, Tweety, all smiling and chuckling, cuts his legs off on national television, labeling him a "hater" (perhaps code for something else, no?)

Here it is, captured for posterity;

Rethug Tom Delay Says Dems Will Screw Economy, Chris Matthews Calls Him A Hater

Let's roll out a deal for The Rat Catcher ... We'll give'em a special nod as "Ignorant Hater of the Day!"

Bonus Rat Catcher Riffs

DeLay, the Lobbyist? ...DeLay Resignation Clears Way For Medal of Freedom Award; To Scold Wayward Republicans, President To Conduct Ceremony In Full Session

Lobbyist Sought $15M To Introduce Bush To Cheney; New Documents Show Abramoff Peddling Secret Bunker Access, In Concert With Fallen House Leader DeLay

Old Ethics Rules Back In Force; DeLay Now Facing Additional Charges; Stowaway On Air Force One Effort To Avoid House Investigation

DeLay's Wife Demands To Speak With President; Wants Answers But Not Sure Where To Camp Out - D.C., Crawford or Hurricane Region?

Cheney Backs DeLay At Fundraiser, Despite Upheld Charges; VP Promises Former House Leader "Strong Iraq Press"; Cheney Takes Cut From Gate For New "Bunker" Fund

Conservatives To Fete DeLay Tonight; Last Chance For Favors In Case House Leader Censured or Expelled

RNC, Congress Planning 'Support Our Majority Leader' Rally For DeLay; Music, Speakers and Celebes Slated For K Street Parade; President To Attend If Not In Gulf Region Again

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