Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That's Amore!

Not exactly as riveting as Gabriel Garcia Marquez, in his awesome "Cien Anos de Soledad" (One Hundred Years of Solitude), where he spent about the first page-and-a-half having his protagonist describe, while standing in front of a firing squad, the first time he discovered ice, but interesting nonetheless.

Kim Young Ill had completed a 10-year project to bring pizza to North Korea

It has taken almost 10 years of work, but North Korea has acquired the technology to launch a project very dear to its leader's heart - the nation's first "authentic" Italian pizzeria.

The launch of Pyongyang's first Italian restaurant meanwhile brings to fruition a ten-year effort by Kim Jong-il - a renowned gourmand and lover of western food - to create the perfect pizza and pasta in his homeland
Imagine that.

All that huffing-and-puffing by The Bush Grindhouse, the Axis of Evil bullshit, when all they had to do was woo him with "a couple of slices".

Perhaps, we need to update that old saw of "guns-and-butter", to "nukes-and-pizza".
Last year a delegation of local chefs was sent by Kim to Naples and Rome to learn the proper Italian techniques after their homegrown efforts to mimic Italian cuisine were found by Kim to contain "errors".

In the late 1990s Kim brought a team of Italian pizza chefs to North Korea to instruct his army officers how to make pizza, a luxury which is now being offered to a tiny elite able to afford such luxuries in a country that cannot feed many of its 24 million inhabitants.

Despite the food shortages high-quality Italian wheat, flour, butter and cheese are being imported to ensure the perfect pizza is created every time.
Ahh, Little Kimmy, you need to go the distance with this.

If you are building the perfect pizza parlor, that you gots to get a Wurlitzer, and make sure this tune is in it;

That's Amore - Dean Martin

Bonus North Korean Riffs

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Axis of Evil Update ... It's Sheehan; Anti-War Mom Makes Axis of Evil List ...Down To Minutes Before Speech, Sheehan Arrested, Removed From House Chamber

Developing Story - Secretary of State Defends “Mushroom Cloud” Prediction ...Rice Touts ‘Axis of Evil’ Program As “Wildly Successful” In Wake Of North Korea Nuke Test ...AEL Members Adhering To Program; Allows Bush, World “Swift and Unfettered” Rhetoric” As Precursor To Planting Seeds of Democracy

Developing Story! Rove Has Gone From “Bush’s Brain” To “Bush’s Drain” ...White House In Crises, As Rove Takes Credit For North Korean Nuke Test ... Sources Say ‘Bush’s Brain” Weary From Sinking Polls, Fundraising; Too Tired To Come Up With New October Surprise

Breaking News! Back To The Drawing Board For Security Council ...New Problem As Jong Il Issues “Korean-Style” Signing Statement To Invalidate U.N. Sanctions ...U.S. Irate But Must Abstain Due To Conflict of Interest; North Korea Also To Start Page Program For Potential Scandal

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