Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fairytales and American Idol The Standard?

Geez, with advice like this, Susan Boyle may just want to run back to her village and go into hiding.

Robin Givhan, the WaPo's Fashion writer weighs in today on the Susan Boyle Make-Over issue.

I guess, a whole lot of us are missing the mark, walking around as a fashion-version of 'Night of the Living Dead'.

I, for one, don't look to fairytales and American Idol to benchmark my looks, to take notes on what I should do for fashion.

But, alas, that's what Givhan suggests for Susan Boyle to do;

The transformation of Susan Boyle from a bashful Scottish villager with a lovely singing voice into an Internet star, U.S. media fixation and real-life Cinderella story brings with it a discomforting question. It's a query that usually is not broached in polite conversation because Americans like to pretend that appearance doesn't matter.
After emphatically saying "Yes" for Boyle to get a make-over, Givhan goes to the money shot;
As a result, even amateurs know they need to have a certain sizzle to succeed. Look no further than "American Idol" for evidence of what is required. The Idolettes are styled by professionals, and the judges regularly comment on their appearance, noting whether they look like the kind of stars they aspire to be. The "American Idol" success stories are filled with makeovers from Clay Aiken to Fantasia, from Carrie Underwood to Jennifer Hudson.
"Look no further ... "

That popped into my mind, as to considering not reading the rest of Givhan's drivel.

But there's more advice, for Susan Boyle to, essentially, just click her heels three times, and then climb into the pumpkin carriage that is sitting outside her door.
Transformation is always part of a good story. Cinderella didn't go to the ball in hand-me-downs. She went looking her best in a glorious gown and won the heart of the prince. The ugly duckling becomes a swan.

The tale of Susan Boyle will not be complete until the shy spinster blossoms. Those who have been entranced by her story so far should let Boyle's fairy godmother finish her work.
Or, let bone-headed fashion writers push her down a alley she doesn't want to go.

The stages have been filled with scores-and-scores of people (both men and woman) who were not "American Idol pretty", rather, they succeeded on their talent, which Susan Boyle has a boatload of.

Susan Boyle is a mature woman, and, I believe she will figure it all out, and do what is best for her, by her standards and judgment, not to the whims of a harping media.

Let's hope that's how it plays out.


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