Thursday, April 23, 2009

Run, While You Can Shep! ... Get Out, Now!

It is a fairly remarkable happening.

Not something you see every day, or, really, on any day, for that matter.

A Faux News anchor actually going against the talking points.

A Faux News anchor actually employing, using the "Fair and Balanced" thing.

Now, it will be interesting to see the reaction to Shepard Smith, from inside the chamber, of how many of his colleagues start dissing him (I think it will be a given and Hannity and The Loofah Man will locked-and-loaded), how the Flying Monkeys react.

We’ll have to keep a running check News Hounds today, because they "watch Fox News so you don't have to".

In fact, Ellen wants to give Shep a nod-of-the-cap;

"I hope you will all join me in giving Fox News host Shepard Smith a virtual standing ovation for his emphatic, no-holds-barred stance against torture. If you'd like to send some props to Smith, you can email his show at"

The QuietObserver also backs up Shep;

Fox News' Shep Smith has been known to show a bit of an independent streak once in a while, meaning that he seems less willing to regurgitate FNC's propaganda ...


Overall, he generally comes off as pretty rational (and yes, I do believe that rational conservatives are still in existence.) Smith could probably excel as a legit journalist if he were in some other medium.
What's all the fuss, we hear you cry?

Shepherd Smith drops F-bomb during Freedom Watch: We do not F%$&ing torture!!!


I wonder, if Faux News has, oh, I don't know, contingency plans for something like this.

They are not, necessarily, accustomed to such breakdowns.

They have to be worried, about the Flying Monkeys, and dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds, who have heard this (or get pointed to the YouTube), who have been accidentally exposed to this piece of reality.

Roger Ailes, surely, knows how confused they must be today, the pain and anguish they are experiencing.

The switchboard could be on fire by now, all wanting to know, did Shep Smith just pull the curtain back, or did he, somehow, inexplicably, get abducted by aliens, and reprogrammed to speak like ... like ... like a ... oh God ... a Democrat!

We wouldn't bet against complete chaos at Faux News headquarters today.

Or maybe, it is something entirely different.

Maybe it is Shepard Smith, crying for help, attempting to get a message out, seeking assistance to getting out of the hellhole of Faux News.

Oh, is he shrewd.

He couldn't just blurt it out, as no doubt, the screen would cut-to-black, or a commercial, Faux News Security would swoop in, throw a net over him, and spirit him away, for reprogramming, or worse.

No, Shep's a smart cookie.

Take a hot issue in the news, let loose with a raw, emotional, honest response, knowing his signal will be heard, will be carried in the winds, will reverberate through the World Wide Web, and his rescue will come in swift time.

Just in case, run while you can Shep! ... Get out - Now! ...

Don't wait!

Ailes, likely, already as a team of people watching you, perhaps even the dreaded, fear-evoking Jesse Watters will ambush you, forcing you to recant, on-camera.

Run, Shep, Run ...

And, don't look back!

(Hmmm, maybe it's time for MSNBC - Hey, after all, they did hire a former Faux Newser, the world-wide-wonder, Rita Cosby - should give Shepard Smith shelter. They can lose that second-hour rebroadcast of Tweety, and plug in Shep, and go against their droning format of Host-Clips-Talking Heads, and have Shep man a round table, and, to be even more groundbreaking, instead of the same lapdog, MSM journalists, bring in bloggers, to chew over the days' issues ... I mean, if they're going to give Chucky T.a show ... )

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