Thursday, August 06, 2009

If Only Healthcare Reform Allows Us To Bill Doctors For Waiting Time

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Our apologies for leaving you empty yesterday (Wednesday), as we did have a few posts in the pipeline, that we had intended to get up last evening.

It was the last throes of the oppressive heat and humidity wave, and we were anxiously awaiting the roaring thunderstorms predicted, that was going to rush in cooler, dryer air.

Here in the city, no such storms arrived, however, the cooler, dryer air did, as evening settled in.

Okay, so far, right?


Early evening brought on some trouble on the homefront, and the need to get the Aunt we care for out on, yet another, hospital run, in what turned out to be quite familiar, a reoccurring, and easily treatable problem.

What ended up more cumbersome, was the 5+ hours in the ER, with nearly all but about 10-minutes of that, just sitting around, waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

Maybe we need to get them to add some sort of "Patients Rights" into the Healthcare bills, something that allows said patient, to bill back the Doc's, who, at times, seem oblivious to the fact, that you are there, waiting on them, looking to get answers, and or, action.

Give us that, and I won't mind camping out in the ER, knowing that I, too, would be making some money on the deal.

So, today, we got one, and will be, likely, more of a "catch-up", the next day, or two..

As always, we are most appreciative of your visits to, and reading of, The Garlic.

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