Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stop The Presses!

Well, figuratively, anyway.

Editor & Publisher has a fun "Question of the Day" today;

QUESTION OF THE DAY for Tuesday: What Is Your Favorite 'Newspaper Movie'? Vote Here!

We post today's question in the headline above. Here's your chance to pick, and discuss, the movie about newspapers -- or featuring a reporter or editor or publisher or columnist or what have you -- that you like the best (or love to hate). Here's a how-to-run-a-newspaper clip from Citizen Kane (below) but feel free to name your own from the past hundred years. Maybe you have another ace in the hole? Add your comments below. If you simply want to name your pick without explanation, fine, we will tally the votes and announce the E&P winner.

Lot's of great ones to pick from ...

For our money, this one deserves to be high on the list - Ace In The Hole

Go over to E&P and add in to the list.

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