Thursday, August 06, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Things North Korean leader Kim Jong-il Received For Releasing The Two U.S. Journalists

News Item: Bill Clinton gets two US journalists pardoned from North Korea: UPDATED with a Bolton

10. The opportunity to bitch-slap John Bolton

9. Beer Summit at the White House, but with Bush and Cheney, over all that "Axis of Evil" stuff

8. A date with that irritating woman from the Progressive Auto Insurance commercials

7. Promise of a starring role, if ever a sequel is made to Mystic Pizza, as owner of the pizza place

6. A signed, framed reproduction of one of President Barack Obama's birth certificates

5. Years' supply of Sham Wow

4. Since they are a favorite of President Clinton, the rights to Krispy Kreme franchise in North Korea

3. A two-week stay at the House on C Street

2. That if he criticizes Keith Olbermann, Olbermann won't name him to the "Worst Persons" list

1. Nothing - Senator John Ensign's parents already paid him, for the release of the hostages

Bonus Links

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Joe Sudbay (DC): CNN already asking: Could Clinton's "high-profile presence backfire?"

Melissa McEwan: Welcome Home

TBogg: The Ransom of Red Chief Ass

Joe Sudbay (DC): Could the U.S. send Bush anywhere?

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