Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Another Episode from Bizzaro World

While Paul Krugman evoked one Monty Python sketch ("He Was Pining For The Fjords"), we could bring up another, wondering if Eric Idle was walking around the airport, calling out "Bring out your dead ... Bring out your dead";

3 Check In at Airport; 1 Departed Beforehand

Something was not right about the elderly man in the wheelchair, the check-in agents at Liverpool John Lennon Airport thought when he showed up with his wife and stepdaughter for a flight to Germany on Saturday.

For one thing, he appeared not to be breathing.

But efforts by the two women to claim that the man, 91-year-old Willi Jarant, was just resting were thwarted when it turned out that he was, in fact, dead.


Some reports suggested that Mr. Jarant might already have been dead for 24 hours and that Mrs. Jarant had been trying to smuggle his body back to Germany, where the couple is from, to avoid the considerable expense and hassle of formal repatriation.

But in various interviews on Tuesday, Mrs. Jarant and Ms. Anusic, who live near Manchester, said that Mr. Jarant had definitely been breathing when they left the house and that, unbeknownst to them, he had expired in transit.

“He was alive,” Ms. Anusic told the BBC. “He was pale, but he wasn’t dead.”

You could say this guy was on some kind of "No Fly" list.

A headshaker, for sure ...

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