Saturday, April 10, 2010

El Trombon Majadero

Well, apologies, Garlic Fans, as we got jammed up today, leaving us little opportunity to finish a few riffs started, and get some posts up.

So, being Saturday Night, we should go with some music, again.

And, this ties in with our posting of last night, as our featured artist, Generoso Jiménez, was on that recording, as well;

From Bembe Records;

In Que Bueno Baila Usted ("How Good You Dance"), the very famous Benny Moré song, the singers call out "Generoso how good you play!" Every Cuban knows whom they are singing about: Generoso Jiménez, star of the Benny Moré Big Band and the most celebrated trombonist in the history of Cuban music.


In April 1955, Generoso joined Benny Moré as an arranger and composer, section leader and soloist. He remained in the band until June 1959. Even after this he helped Benny with arrangements and musical details. Generoso's own band existed from November 1963 until September 1965. He finished his career as part of the prestigious orchestra of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.
Pull out, and put on those dancing shoes again ...

Trombon Majadero - ' Tojo' Instrumental

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