Sunday, April 04, 2010

Here's A Litte Easter Egg For You

If Jesus had a bracket, what would he do?

Do you think he would have been riding Butler into the championship game, or sticking with the company teams, say, St. Marys?

We have a fine Easter Sunday morning to contemplate such tomfoolery here in the Northeast, with sparkling sunshine, and bizzaro world 75-degree-plus temps.

And, as has become our tradition here on The Garlic, we reprise our special Easter essay;


What was I going to say? I couldn’t lie to the guy! Besides, I had a hangover that showed me about as much mercy as an infomercial full of insurance salesman. The last thing I expected to deal with on Easter Sunday morning was to find Jesus Christ Himself lying on my living room floor.

He sipped his Ovaltine and sat quietly for a moment. Almost an hour had passed since I stumbled out from my bedroom and shouted “Jesus Christ”, only to receive an affirmative response. Now I found myself obsessed with what I was going to serve Him for breakfast.
Read through, as you dismember your chocolate bunny.

Happy Easter!


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