Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mr. Powell? ... Ms. Coulter is here to see you ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll September 17 - September 23 2006


It seems that Karl Rove really is losing power.

Did we ever have a blowout this past week, with The Garlic’s Weekly Poll ... Nearly half the voters believe that Ann Coulter, not Karl Rove, the blonde doyenne of the Right Wing, and favorite Fox News guest pundit, will take retribution on former Secretary of State, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell with one her patented (we didn’t say “plagiarized”) articles, targeting Powell with some level of bodily harm, or even death, for his stance in speaking out against President Bush, in that little faux debate last week over torture and passing the President’s Detainee Bill.

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll September 17 - September 23 2006

For coming out against President Bush and his Detainee Bill, that would reinterpret the Geneva Conventions, and siding with Senators Warner, McCain and Graham, former Secretary of State, and Army General Colin Powell can likely expect...

1. An article by Ann Coulter, backing the President and calling for the fragging or poisoning of Colin Powell Tally 47%

2. A smear campaign from Karl Rove Tally 24%

3. The Extraordinary Rendition of himself, along with Senators Warner, McCain and Graham to one of those CIA prisons that don’t exist any longer Tally 15%

4. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld calling him an appeaser Tally 14%

This week’s Poll - With the new National Intelligence Estimate report, disclosed today by the New York Times and Washington Post, saying that it is the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq that is fueling the war and terrorism, not the other way around, we can expect President Bush and the White House to ...

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Ann Coulter,
one of Keith Olbermann's Countdown programs' top 'Worst Person In The World' title winners, was a huge, runaway winner in this past week's Garlic Poll, with nearly half the voters believing she will be the one to take retribution on Colin Powell for speaking against the President

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