Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 24 September 2006

House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said that he hasn't seen the latest N.I.E. report, that shows the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is fueling terrorism, and that he stands firmly behind President Bush and his decisions, saying that he wouldn't change anything, including being considerably overweight

Fox News Anchor Bill O'Reilly, who disclosed this past week that he is on Al Qaeda's 'Death List', said he is planning to counter the move, and is announcing a "War On Groups That Put Bill O'Reilly On Their Death Lists", modeled after his successful 'War On Christmas' campaign last year

Shamed author James Frey (Seen here with Oprah Winfrey, on her show, and only hours before, as Frey claimed, he was kidnapped and beaten by Winfrey and her staff) announced today that he has struck a deal with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to hold up Frey's debunked memoir 'A Million Little Pieces' next time Chavez speaks at the United Nations

Comedian and HBO host Bill Maher
also announced a deal with Chavez.
After being rejected by Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News' 'Free Speech' segment, Maher will soon appear on a Caracas, Venezuela evening newscast to deliver his 'Free Speech' tome' that he had planned to deliver on Couric’s broadcast

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina
said she was surprised at the spying scandal that has erupted in her former company.

Fiorina said he was just "sloppy work" of the Pretexting scheme that was undertaken in an effort to root out a corporate board member who was leaking sensitive information to the media.

"They should have done what I did - just bug everyone's office ... That's how I stayed on top of things ... That’s how I knew they wanted to push me out and that is how I was able to leave with millions"

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