Thursday, September 28, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About NY Post’s Page Six and Paula Froelich Making Fun of Keith Olbermann’s Death Threat

News Item: Aren't Death Threats Just Hilarious

10. Froelich endeavoring to get into more serious journalism and was testing using the word “acerbic”

9. Ruppert Murdoch, after his large donation to the Clinton Global Initiative, upset that Olbermann interviewed President Clinton, instead of himself, so he put the word out to Page Six and Froelich to bury him

8. Baiting Olbermann to name Froelich or Page Six as “Worst Person In The World” so they could slap a lawsuit on him

7. Wasn’t really about Olbermann - Getting paid by Lollipop Industry for plugs in the column

6. Since ABC didn’t broadcast ‘Path To Keith Olbermann’, someone had to throw some dirt on him

5. Fox News chief Roger Ailes says Olbermann’s response to Froelich’s piece represents "an assault on all journalists."

4. Froelich and NY Post believe making fun of media death threats is now covered by President Bush’s new Detainee Bill

3. Screed against Olbermann was Froelich’s 10th new tip that will make you rich and famous, and take you to the top (and hopefully crack an under-One-Million ranking on Amazon: Currently 1,926, 269)

2. Dissing Olbermann merely botched attempt to get Page Six back into the Extortion racket

1. Froelich trying to impress MSNBC Chief Dan Abrams, to get Rita Cosby’s job, was letting him know that she’s as “dumb as two suitcases full of rocks”

Read, or watch the video of Keith Olbermann’s response “Threatening letter no joke”

Froelich’s hoping that her making fun of Keith Olbermann’s recent death threat will help raise her book from it’s current #1,926,269 place ranking on Amazon.Com

Meanwhile, Mr. Olbermann’s book, ‘The Worst Person In The World: And 202 Strong Contenders’ is climbing the chart with a #63 Amazon.Com ranking. Click here to review and purchase

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