Sunday, December 31, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 31 December 2006

A rather surprising development has come out of President Bush's extended deliberations as to coming up with a new policy for his Iraq Occupation.

The brainstorming sessions have produced a new singing group - Dubya and the Neconettes. The group plans on recording military and religious tunes that will be sent to the troops over in Iraq for inspiration in carrying out the new strategy.

The rumor mill is blazing with the reports that, beginning in 2007, Gayle King is out and Julia Roberts in as Oprah Winfrey's "special friend"

Michael Jordon announced this week that he is divorcing his wife of 17-years..

Jordon, a notorious gambler also said that he will be flying off to Las Vegas as soon as the divorce is official, to collect on a $5-Million bet he made, that his marriage wouldn't last 20-years.

In the "N0-Luck Department", ousted publisher Judith Regan said that she worked "right up to his first step on to the gallows" with landing now-deceased and former Iraq Dictator Saddam Hussein, for a "tell-all" blockbuster, "If I Was Guilty, Here's How I Would Have Gassed The Kurds"

Jason, who never put any stock in making New Years Resolutions, thought, perhaps now was the time ... He would stop wearing his matador outfit on first-dates as means to, hopefully, land that elusive second date

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