Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Scooter Doesn't Skate ... New Garlic Song - Let's Jail Libby!

Well, Well, Well ...

No more aspens turning. No more lunches with Judy.

The Scooter doesn't skate. Hard time for one, royal hard-on.

Now, it remains to be seen if the Crony General and current Chief of Staff Josh Bolten rush over in the late of night to Judge Reggie Walton, imploring him to let The Scooter out on bail, so he can go through the charade of an appeal process, patiently tapping his toes, waiting for The Commander Guy, assuming his wrist isn't sore from signing Signing Statements, and pen his name to a pardon (that ground-shaking, like an earthquake, felt in the DC area around noontime today, was Cheney, with a head of steam, charging down to the Oval Office, red in face, foaming at the mouth, veins pulsing on his dome, demanding that pardon)

So, as we have in the past, The Garlic serenades The Scooter today, turning to the great Ray Charles' "Makin' Whoopie".

As always, sing along and let The Scooter hear you!

Let's Jail Libby

Another lie, Another June
Another Bush-Cheney Goon
Another season, another reason
Let's Jail Libby

New terror news, where's Condi Rice
the Scooter is nervous. he answers twice
its so Killin that he's not spillin'
Let's Jail Libby

Picture a secret bunker
down where the neocons cling
picture the same secret bunker
Think what a smear can bring

He's washing files and Cheney's notes
He's so ambitious for Russert's shows
but don't forget folks thats what you get folks
Let's Jail Libby

Three years or maybe less
what's this I hear? Well you can't you guess
He feels neglected and he's suspected
Let's Jail Libby

He sits alone most every night
He doesn't phone Scooter, he doesn't write
Cheney says he's busy but Scooter say's "is he?"
Let's Jail Libby

He doesn't raise much money
Matalin's busier than a whore
some donors who thinks she's funny
says a pardon's gonna cost much more

Scooter says now judge suppose I fail
And Cheney says the check is in the mail
Scooter you better keep it, our little secret
Let's Jail Libby

you better keep it
our little secret
Let's Jail Libby

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