Saturday, December 15, 2007

Editor's Note - Still Dealing With The SNOW!

Boy, coming directly off the homefront situation with my Aunt, and dealing with not one, but now two, early snow storms ... I sure hope that old adage of "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is still in play (Especially, after a special, 2.5-hour Lawrence Welk, 100th Birthday Celebration this evening - of all "Patriotic" songs)...

Exhausted again, having to deal with more snow, the still unshoveled driveway (including the street/sidewalk portion) before tomorrow's dump comes (and it's about a 100-ft driveway)

With it going from snow, to rain, and then dropping into the teens tomorrow night, it all will be freezing solid.

And with M/T/W predicted to be cold, highs only in the low-to-mid 20's, can't count on a Mother Nature melt.

So, not wanting to have huge "Ice Banks" and x-amount of inches of rain-soaked-turned-to-ice-snow, had to get out there again and dig into it.

Two angels appeared, in the form of neighbors (and one with a brand new snowblower) helped immeasurably and great (but not totally complete) progress was made (h/t to Mike and Les).

So, posts will be coming tomorrow ... Promise ... If I have to shovel with one hand, and type with the other, we'll get some fresh posts up (and, hopefully, update our neglected and abused Garlic Poll).

Thanks for hanging in there


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