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Good Post Alert: Edward Copeland's "Is Dubya the Iranian Candidate?"

Well, one of the items my homefront situation delayed me on was hipping you to a great post from Edward Copeland, on his Copeland Institute for Lower Learning.

Is Dubya the Iranian Candidate?

"Could George W. Bush be the Iranian Candidate? Like Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate, who spouted anti-communist rhetoric while secretly working for their agenda in the U.S., could Dubya really be an Iranian plant? Can you imagine anyone else who has done as much for Iran than he has?"

Or how about what the United States has done to Iran?

Being that a good chunk of the Homeland still believes Saddam Hussein ordered the Sept 11th attack, it would be asking way too much for these folk to have much more knowledge beyond last weeks' saber-rattling, and prophecies of a nuclear holocaust.

Going back to the 1950's, we meddled in Iranian affairs, to the point of instigating the removal of their democratically-elected president, so as to install our good friends, Going back to the 1950's.

For the next quarter-of-a-century, or-so, the Shah remained our friend as he brutalized his countryman, and pilfered the riches, but then the revolution caught the U.S., and the Shah, sleeping, leading to U.S. playing real estate agent for his home-in-exile and soon after we had the Jimmy Carter Hostage Crises (and birth of Ted Koppel's 'Nightline').

Then, in the 1980's, still pissed at the loss of power with our good friend, the Shah, the U.S. climbed in bed with ... Drum roll, please ... Saddam Hussein, funding and providing training, weapons and, yes, chemical weapons, for Iraq's war with their now-Ayatollah-run Iran.

So, you could cut Iran some slack, if they became a little jumpy when we flooded into Afghanistan, following September 11th, having experienced America's foreign policy, first-hand, and, if you will, a firm backhand.

And, certainly, we didn't calm their fears when the music stopped, and all out military scurried out of Afghanistan and grabbed the vacant chairs in Iraq, where we hunted down that heinous criminal, holder of Weapons of Mass Destruction, the despot ruler who used chemical weapons on his own people (and, if you've been paying attention, just where did he get these chemical weapons?), our old "friend", Saddam Hussein.

With the Bush Grindhouse placing Iran on their Axis of Evil list, and droning on about bombing them, you can expect that the collective Iran must feel like the little bookworm kid, seeing the big jock bullies coming to take his lunch money - again ...

We digress ...Go check out the Copeland post (which is also cross-posted on The Reaction)

Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Dubya's Queen of Diamonds? ... Hmmmmm ... Not gonna say ...

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