Monday, February 11, 2008

Does McCain Approve of The Washington State Voting Withdrawal?

Boy, this is some pretty weird stuff ... And we're not even talking about the Democrats.

With only 87% of the vote counted, in Saturday's caucus, Washington State Election Officials stopped counting the votes, declaring Here's Johnny Boy McCain the winner, when at the time, there was only a 1.8% advantage.


What, did the Washington election officials purchase the State of Florida's "Vote Counting for Dummies" book?

Gosh darn it, why couldn't these guys have been officiating the Super Bowl?

That way, the Patriots would have won, and completed the perfect season.

From Steve Benen, at the Carpetbagger Report;

"Asked for an explanation, state Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser said he just felt confident that the other 13% of the votes didn’t need to be counted. He told reporters, “Maybe it would have been safer if I hadn’t said anything. But it was an exciting and historic day for the state and I thought if I was confident about what the outcome would be I should share that with the people who had gone out to their caucuses.”


"Maybe it would have been safer if I hadn't said anything"

Who's coaching this guy, David Addington?

The exciting history just may be that they called an election with only 87% of the vote counted. I'd say that stands out pretty good ... That should be one for the record books.

From Josh Marshall, at TPM;
"Late Update: It seems that Washington State GOP chair Luke Esser spent most of the day avoiding calls from the Huckabee campaign. And when he finally got back to them he told a lawyer for Huckabee's campaign that they'd probably count the rest of the votes some time next week. When the lawyer, Lauren Huckabee, the candidate's daughter-in-law, requested that a Huckabee lawyer be present when the remaining votes were counted, Esser hung up on her. Before the hang up, Huckabee also asked Esser about the DIY statistical analysis he did to conclude that he should call the race (Esser's expertise in statistics apparently stems from previous work as a state prosecutor and a sports writer). Was there an analysis of what precincts the remaining votes came from? According to Huck campaign manager Ed Rollins, Esser admitted that he didn't know which precincts the remaining votes came from."

Team Huckabee, naturally, is raising hell over this.

The Seattle Times is reporting that "In the face of the Huckabee protest, the state Republican Party quickly resumed its count today, a bit sooner than it had planned."

"Sooner than it had planned"?

Gee, sorry to put you guys out ... Then again, if you did your fucking jobs on Saturday, you wouldn't be looking like monkey asses today.

Included in the Puget Sound-sized number of questions that need to be address here, one should be, if it was Huckabee enjoying a 1.8% advantage, after only 87% of the vote counted, would they still have packed it in and gone home?

With what's gone down, since The Bush Grindhouse stole the 2000 election, is there any reason to have any confidence in our voting system any longer?

Jeesh! ...

It's that time again ... Cue up Que Sera Sera...

One Man - One Vote ... Unless you live in Washington State!

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