Tuesday, July 08, 2008

If He Lived In Australia ...

There was a great line, in the Michael Hodges movie 'Pulp'.

Lionel Stander, a great character actor (who become more famous for his television role in 'Hart To Hart'; Also, Stander infamously gave an "Up Yours" to the HUAC fascists), uttered it when a movie was being shown, and whoever loaded the camera, loaded the film upside-down.

Stander, in the sandpapered, chiseled, gruff voice of his, belts out "This film would do great in Australia ..."

So, we give you;

Tenant Banned from Flying Flag Upside Down, Gets Death Threat

He says he wanted to signal to his neighbors that this country is in distress, so he started flying the flag upside down.

Two days later, Manitowoc police officer Jason Delsman came to his door. But Decker was at Wal-Mart, so, Delsman left his business card with a handwritten note, "Call ASAP."

Decker decided to go down to the police department, but Officer Delsman was out, so Decker called him on the phone from there.

"He told me I was committing a criminal act and could face fines or imprisonment," Decker said.

When Decker asked for the statute criminalizing this, he says Officer Delsman responded: "I'm sure that it is somewhere."

According to Decker, the officer also said: "You fly your flag at night with no light on it. The next time I see that I'll have to do something about it."

Little-by-little ... Piece-by-piece ...

An upside-down flag here ... A missing lapel pin there... A simple sign held by a librarian...

Ahhh ... The smell of patriotism burning in the morning ...

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