Thursday, July 10, 2008

Retro Garlic: Tupperware Lady and Map Maker Team Up

Christ, what's the logo of this company going to be, the Hindenburg?

Failed advisers Mark Penn and Karen Hughes team up to counsel ‘corporations in crisis.’

“Karen and I have had so many of the same experiences in the White House and campaigns, and have worked around the world,”
Let's see ... Hughes can, utilizing her Bush Grindhouse experience, advise to lie, stonewall, destroy evidence, ignore the rule-of-law (however, actually, if she gives the same effort, while she was the prototype Bush Grindhouse Soccer Mom, she actually will contribute nothing), while Penn brings to the table the golden rule, the big ticket of .... Blame everyone else!

Hmmm ... Maybe we have it wrong.

Perhaps, they are going to bring crisises to corporations!

And, hiring this dimwitted, less-then-dynamic duo would be the first action as to going into crisis mode ...

Okay, now it makes sense ....

The Retro Part

Clinton Campaign Causes Havoc, Sends Map Makers Scurrying For Updates; Satellites Scrambled, Causing Hours of Blank Screens On Google Earth; Rand McNally. Others Dig Through Antique Maps For Answers

Retro Garlic: Karen Hughes, Our National Tupperware Lady

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