Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It's Now The Denver Four!

Apparently, in unveiling his "Abracadabra" Economic Plans, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain left out that, oh yeah, were cutting Free Speech as well.

Or, at least, clamping down on 61-year-old librarians.

Librarian carrying McCain=Bush sign kicked out of McCain Event

DENVER, Colo.-On orders from Senator John McCain's security detail, Denver police escorted a 61-year-old woman away who was waiting in line to attend a so-called town hall meeting with McCain that was billed as open to the public.

Carol Kreck, who works as a librarian in Denver, held a homemade sign reading "McCain = Bush." On orders from McCain's security detail, police cited her for trespassing and escorted her to the sidewalk. She was told if she returned she would be arrested.

I suppose, the one silver lining in this is the woman didn't have to sit through Stumblin' Bumblin; John's speech.

Now, we can understand the SB John Campaign wanting to fight (upstream, a Sisyphean effort) the charges of McSame, and this is just Bush's Third Term.

And, as was heralded, there's a new crew running the show, a bunch of Rove Acolytes ...

But, Jesus, is anyone there thinking at all?

To, publically, in full view of a throng of people ... And with a camera present! ... They want to enforce their "We're Not McSame" at the expense of a 61-year-old librarian, carrying a homemade sign?

Here's the video of it;

John McCain kicks librarian out of town hall event

So, what does the Stumblin' Bumblin' McCain Campaign gain from this?

Well, for one, posts like this (and more below).

Two, I would speculate that Ms. Kreck will soon gain legal representation to fight her "trespassing" ticket (put an "X" on your calendar for July 23rd) ... Which, in turn, generates a whole new news cycle on this (and think the "Today Show", GMA, Olbermann).

Three, check the Vegas line of how many signs (perhaps carried by a contingent of librarians) will pop up at McSame's next event?

We have been saying for some time now, that this campaign was going to a lot of fun and, sure as heck, the Stumblin' Bumblin' McCain people are making damn sure of that ...

Lastly, we could make this a Retro Garlic, rather easily.

Top Ten Cloves: Other Places and Events The Denver Three Are Barred From Entering

Lest we forget, the Bush Grindhouse did nearly the same exact denial of Free Speech just a short, few years ago ...

McSame, anyone?

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