Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Results: Flintstones vs. Jetsons Pt. III

Here's a hint of how things went.

Obama consistently framed answers with a little sprinkling of pixie dust, a whiff of history, citing, that we're in the greatest economic crisis since The Great Depression, and then laid out this program, or that, in detail.

Stumblin' Bumblin' John McKKKain (who went from "Grumpy McKKKain", to "Angry McKKKain", almost right out of the gate) brought up, and kept going back to, and going back to, and going back to Joe the Plumber.

Joe the Plumber, who had an exchange with Obama on the campaign trail (You can watch the video of it HERE; As, or after watching it, imagine the debunked Maverick talking to him about the same thing - Snoozer!).

They could use clips of McKKKain and his new best buddy, Joe the Plumber, on one of those breezy, dancing eHarmony commercials.

And it won't surprise me if Joe the Plumber comes out on top of some of the post-debate polls.

And, after all the hype, the endless hours of the Cable TV heads pontificating about it, the cries for blood from the Right Wing Freak Show, John McKKKain IS A PUSSY!

It was like a pillow fight, with foam, rather then feathers.

McKKKain did bring up William Ayers (and ACORN), in virtually the same exact manner he has brought him up over the past two-weeks-plus.

He dredged it up with his standard stump speech, not anything new, no new, or direct, questions ... No grilling ... Standard Stump all the way.

Obama did hit him, though, calling him out over the rabid Palin mobs, saying, to McKKKain's face, the calls at those rallies of "terrorist" and "Kill him".

McKKKain, being the straighter shooter he consistently refers to himself as, defended, angrily, of course, the crowds at his rally, without saying a word about the ugliness of those type of chants and threats.

Maverick, my ass!

There was a question about the qualifications of their opponents running mates as President, and, my first reaction to seeing Obama say nothing but nice things was he blew it (McKKKain, in his answer, tossed a bone at Biden and then nit-picked some issue that was a yawner), however, in hindsight, if he dissed the Wasilla Whiz Kid, it would be days of more grief, blaring headlines; It was almost an 'Eddie Haskell' compliment, so better to let Mommy Moose sink her own boat.

While starting off like he was pumped full of "electrolytes", however, quickly, the anger seeped in, and continued to grow the rest of the night.

There were a few times, I half expected for his head to explode.

And it showed, over and over (at one point, McKKKain called Obama “Senator Government,” in an angry rush to hit back at him, but did correct himself).

After dissing Obama about something, and as Obama responded to it, McKKKain would be stuttering, interrupting, making faces and noise, as Obama spoke (at one point, having to be scolded by Moderator Bob Schieffer).

Obama, cool, calm and collected, driving home the need for a new direction.

McKKKain, all but foaming-at-the-mouth, blabbing out standard Republican speak (including the "Abortion/Roe v. Wade" segment, in which he will be creamed and skewered for his answer).

Post-debate, it appears, Obama sweeping all the snap polls, some by extremely large margins (by 2-1, in numerous cases).

Right Wing Freak Show will, undoubtedly, spin how Angry John McKKKain kicked ass and "the race is on".

Trouble is McKKKain and Palin is their ticket, so it only gets them to the next gaffe or fuck-up.

No game-changer here, and we can all exhale, as the debate season is, finally, over.

More tomorrow ...

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