Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That One!

Well, we have another debate this evening, the last of this long presidential primary and campaign season (I believe it is around 41 debates, total, that we have had to endure).

Being that Stumblin' Bumblin' John McKKKain is in this one, speaking publically, we remind you to clean, oil and test out your "My Friends" counter.

He's down, and free-falling in the polls, so it could be a blizzard of "My Friends" tonight.

Also, there will be held breath and anxious nerves, awaiting to see, as the minutes click off, if the debunked Maverick
employs "That One" again.

It still has gone unexplained by the Dead Campaign Express what caused The Donut Man to refer to Barack Obama as "That One".

Had he, earlier in the day, perhaps attempting to take a nap, have the television on and "That Girl" came on?

Maybe the movie "That Touch of Mink", or "That Darned Cat".

Or, he was thinking about the old, Brasilian lover, "That Naughty Girl", remembering the steamy times and complimenting her on "That Thing You Do".

There is the chance that he was just trying to bring back "That Old Feeling".

Or, he wanted to be hip, a bit of a smart-ass, and meant to say "That Darn Punk".

If he wants to keep the vibe of his campaign for the last week, or so, he can tag Obama with things like "That Awful Brother", "That City Feller", "That Soul Thing", and really toss one out to the base, with "That Minstrel Man".

He can follow-up on Jeffrey M Frederick, the Virginia GOP chief, and ask Obama "That Burning Question" about "That Mysterious Fez".

Perhaps he'll throw a shot out at Obama's campaign staff with a "That Gang of Hoodlums".

But, most likely, the debate will end with "That Sinking Feeling" and McKKKain, Mommy Moose and the Dead Campaign Express won't escape the label of just continuing ""That Yin Yang Thing".

In that case, we can expect some new stunt, and you can employ the nifty chart Nate Silver made up for just THAT happening.

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