Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cold Body Assoc. Denounces Gonzales For Finger-Pointing, Break In Tradition

"Blaming McNulty At This Point In Time Is Scurrilous"; CBA Membership Upset, Fears Could Be "Open Season" On Scapegoats

In a stinging, biting statement, the Cold Body Association denounced Crony General Alberto Gonzales this afternoon, for his comments this morning, blaming Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty for the U.S. Attorney Firing Scandal that has engulfed the Justice Department.

"Blaming McNulty," said CBA President Hiram Jenkowski, "at this point in time is scurrilous."

McNulty had, only yesterday, announced his resignation, indicating he would leave the department at the end of the summer, or, if a candidate was approved by the Senate sooner.

Gonzales, speaking at the National Press Club this morning, laid the blame for the scandal clearly at the feet of McNulty

"You have to remember, at the end of the day, the recommendations reflected the views of the deputy attorney general. He signed off on the names. And he would know better than anyone else, anyone in this room, anyone — again, the deputy attorney general would know best about the qualifications and the experiences of the United States attorneys community, and he signed off on the names."

The Crony General, who has testified twice before Congress, has defended himself , saying there was "nothing improper" in the firing, of now, up to 12 U.S. Attorneys.

Calls for Gonzales to resign have grown, and his appearances in testifying have left lawmakers stunned, at his lack of memory and knowledge on the workings of his own department.

"This is a profound break in our tradition," continued Jenkowski. "The Crony General knows better than anyone on how egregious his comments are. It's very clear in our by-laws, that you wait until a person has resigned or retired - the proverbial door-hitting-them-on-the ass moment - before you go around finger-pointing and laying blame."

The Cold Body Association claims to have "thousands" of members and is often relied on to mediate, and at times, intervene, in firings and resignations, ruling on what slurs, slams and other unjustified statements can be made, by both employer and employee.

"This has upset our membership terribly," said Jenkowski. "We've been flooded since this morning, with telephone calls and emails, all asking what this means ... Is it open season on us? ... Some have told us that they are holding off on retiring, fearing, instead of receiving a gold watch, they'll get buried in accusations ... At least six different members have said they've torn up their resignation letters."

Jenkowski stopped short of saying the CBA would lodge formal charges against the Crony General.

"He's on thin ice, as it is. If he gets fired, or impeached, than it's out of our hands and over to our sister association, the PPA.

The Political Patronage Association (PPA), a non-profit organization based in Chicago, is supporting the CBA in their protest and has called on Gonzales to retract his comments and immediately name a friend, donor or unqualified private or government employee to fill McNulty's position.

The PPA represents everyone, from political appointees, political hacks, No-Show employees and generations of relatives hired for government positions in which they are not qualified, and came to the defense of former FEMA Director Michael Brown back in 2005, after Brown was fired and blamed for the poor response to Hurricane Katrina.

"If by his statements today," added Jenkowski, the Crony General wants to start burning bridges, then so be it. We have a few CBA members that are still to testify before Congress, so, you can expect some fireworks and, likely, a few words about Gonzalez may just may make their way into the transcripts."

In a related matter, the CBA did approve a request from the World Bank, so that they could begin making defaming statements about bank president Paul Wolfowitz "before the door hits him in the ass."

"This is a situation," claimed Jenkowski, "that the smears and innuendo serve as the catalyst for forcing the departure, and in certain cases - certainly pertaining to Wolfowitz - we allow it."

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