Saturday, May 19, 2007

We're Waiting, John Fund ... For You To Take Your Head Out Of Your Ass ... Lieberman Abandoned The Democrats To Run As An Indie, He Wasn't Forced To

Perhaps we can launch a new segment today for The Garlic, titled "Raging Cloves".

Just another slam against the blogosphere, as well as a gratuitous - and false - kudos to Senator Joe Lieberman (R&I - CT)

Last evening, on '''Real Talk with Bill Maher', during the panel discussion segment, WSJ Columnist John Fund put his foot in his mouth, or, better yet, was talking with his head up his ass.

With the topic of the conversation being the Republican Candidates Debate of last week, and Maher extolling on the truth that Ron Paul was speaking.

Fund than jumped in, saying it was a shame that the Republicans were trying to keep Paul out of future debates, to shut him out.

Fund then compared that, to "the netroots shutting out Joe Lieberman and that's why he had to run as an Independent ..."


"...He had to run as as Independent?"

Does Fund have some secret information to verify his statement, perhaps something swept up in the Bush Grindhouse's illegal wiretaps?

Does Fund have an "Alice In Wonderland Looking Glass' instead of regular television and internet.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Senator Lieberman (R&I - CT) ran as in Independent due to he lost a primary election to a political novice, largely due to Ned Lamont embracing ending the Iraq Invasion and Occupation, while Lieberman chose to continue holding on tight to it, as well as hugging The Commander Guy Bush for a kiss.

The sitting and incumbent Senator ran in an election against a political neophyte and lost.

Lieberman abandoned the Democratic Party and ran as Independent at his own choosing.

Joe Lieberman wasn't shut out of anything. He ran in an election and lost. He wasn't denied anything.

(Editors Note: I don't have the benefit of either a transcript, or TIVO, however, the Fund quote is virtually verbatim, as best as I could remember it in the time it took to pick up paper and pen)

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This is what sealed Lieberman's (R&I - CT) fate, as much as anything else

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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster said...

Why do you expect John Fund to make ANY comment that is not a thought out positioning tool to advance either his own agenda (just in case his long time employer, Bush Co. and Cato, go south politically) of that of those same employers? Stop acting like he is really a thinker and you will be less confused.