Thursday, May 17, 2007

Developing Story! White House Giving World Bank, Wolfowitz Green Light To Blame McNulty

New Strategy Of Leveraging Scandals; Cheney Says Embattled Hero "Definitely In Final Throes" At World Bank

In a stunning reversal, where, up to now, the White House has offered consistent, but hands-off, support, sources have told The Garlic that, after a late night meeting last evening, the World Bank, and its' embattled President Paul Wolfowitz have "top level approval" to spin the blame of their scandal on former Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty.

This could signal, say White House watchers, a new strategy by the Bush Grindhouse, heard in whispers on the cocktail circuit recently, to begin leveraging the multitude of scandals they find themselves under, ostensibly, to keep Congressional investigators, and the media, off-balance.

"The boys in the West Wing are working overtime," said Dix Whitcomb, editor of the newsletter 'Our Laws Are Different', "to keep any hint of scandal away from The Commander Guy."

It's not clear, just yet, if "top level approval" means that President Bush has authorized Wolfowitz, and the World Bank, to move forward with blaming McNulty.

It also remains a question if this is a new "blame" strategy, or if the Bush Grindhouse is applying its' "Hello, We Must Be Going" policy to a new problem.

Pieces begin falling in place on Tuesday, when Crony General Alberto Gonzales emphatically laid blame for the U.S. Attorney Firing Scandal at the feet of his former #2 man at the Justice Department, McNulty, with extremely little blowback.

However, Gonzales' attempted deflection got washed over by the news of another former Deputy Attorney General, James Comey - serving under Attorney General John Ashcroft - and his testimony before Congress that Gonzales, along with former Chief of Staff Andy Card, attempted to get a ailing and hospitalized Ashcroft to sign off on the Bush Grindhouse's illegal wiretapping.

This didn't go unnoticed by the White House, and soon, according to sources, the plan to begin blaming McNulty, and others, were being drawn up.

Pinning the blame on McNulty for Wolfowitz's lack of ethics was actually the second option, according to a party close to the West Wing.

"The first choice was retired Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger, from the Pat Tillman cover-up, but Kensinger balked at it ... I don't think he really understood what the White House was trying to do, not grasping the concept of crossing these scandals, but he knew enough to say no ..."

Other names that were drawn up for possible scapegoat usage for the World Bank and Wolfowtiz included former Vice President Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the convicted "King of K Street", lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former FEMA Director Michael Brown, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nation, John Bolton and even former Bush Domestic Policy Advisor Claude Allen, who resigned from the administration after being charged with shoplifting.

Bolton, our sources told us, exploded in anger with the notion of taking blame for "that candy-ass wus".

Vice President Cheney deflected any comment on the new "blame strategy", only saying that "it appears one of the heroes of the Iraq war is in his final throes."

With no movement today, either by the World Bank, or by Wolfowitz, who is asking for $375,000 to leave his post, it is not known if pinning the scandal on McNulty was implemented or not.

"This is a very fluid situation," offered David Aaronson, editor of 'What Color Is My Coat Today?', the Capital Hill Newsletter that tracks politicians who turn on their own party.

"With the way things are lining up against the Crony General," continued Aaronson, "he could end with the entire mess pinned on him."

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The World Bank President, and former architect of the Iraq Invasion and Occupation fiasco, Paul Wolfowitz may be feeling a bit boxed in, as he waits for a scapegoat, and a bag big enough to haul off $375,000

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